Apps I Use To Make Extra Money

OKAY, so let me just put this out there.. We all have a bunch of shit. Yeah I said it, a bunch of SHIT. Shit in the closet, in the bathroom drawers, your kitchen drawers, let’s just say drawers in general. We like to “collect” everything from purses, tops, bras, jeans, shoes, makeup, or whatever you know you hoard a lot of. But when are you going to wear it or use it? Are you going to wear it again or save it for “later”? I’m going to be straight up honest.. I am a impulsive buyer. I’ll buy jeans, a pair of shoes, beauty products, anything that’s a good deal, buy one get one 1/2 off, 50% off, I am all for that! There’s nothing wrong with buying that thing you “have to have” but really think it through.. Let me tell you, there’s this shit I like to collect and it’s called MONEY! I easily made $300 bucks in a month off beauty products. No I’m not saying be a Mary Kay product consultant, go in your drawers and sell your shit! Here’s proof of APPS I USE TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY. 

1. Mercari

You can literally sell everything you have on this website from clothes, to accessories, shoes, home decor, vintage items, beauty products, electronics, even handmade.. Anything you have post it! Here’s the 3 step process..

I personally use this app for beauty products but you can list anything you want. Mercari charges a 10% selling fee and the rest is yours to keep! This app makes it easy to chat with buyers, and turn your money earned into any form of payment you’d like. Or leave your money earned as credit and easily buy items too!

Use my code UURWWQ to receive $2 for free when you sign up!

2. Tradesy

Anything designer, you got it? Sell it or buy it. When I first started selling on Tradesy I instantly  fell in love! Trust me.. It’s hard not to splurge on a nice designer bag but selling on this app is such an easy process! I made $700 bucks off my red bottoms I only wore once. Hey if you win some earnings, lose some and splurge on that bag you’ve dreamt of..

3. Poshmark

And my last favorite app is Poshmark! You can instantly sell and buy from anyone’s closet.. From your friends closet or even your favorite fashion bloggers closet. How cool is that! When I first came across this app I was watching Claire Marshall on youtube and she instantly knew she had shit in her closet and posted it!

Use my code HVQVJ to receive $5 for free when you sign up!